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Live Streaming Concert EventS

Join us LIve!

In [Your] Living Room: Live Streaming Concert Event

This is a free concert and JFFA does not charge viewers to tune in, although donation support is always welcome via our virtual tip jar.  A generous portion goes to our talented artists and the remainder helps to cover production costs so that we can continue bringing you live music.

How to Watch

You are welcome to stream this event right here on our website, or for the full experience and to participate in the chat discussions, click the button below to stream the event on YouTube!

About JFFA’s Virtual Concerts

In an effort to stay connected with our audience during a time when in-person gatherings are not an option, JFFA is offering a handful of live streaming music events. The idea is that the music is coming straight from the artist’s living room into the audience’s.

The goal of this program is to provide an opportunity for artists to earn income and to give our community something to look forward to. Production is intended to be rather simple and intimate, not highly produced. JFFA is getting personal and we want you to join us.