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Nov 30, 2023JFFA News0 comments

Join JFFA in shaping the ultimate festival experience! 

We’re seeking passionate individuals to help shape the future of our festival. 

Bring your creativity, expertise, and enthusiasm to curate unforgettable moments. Apply now and be a driving force in making this festival unforgettable!

FESTIVAL COMMITTEE MEMBERS are volunteer leaders who support event planning and operations. Committee membership requires a more significant time commitment throughout the year to help shape decisions and selections for the Festival. They also receive special perks identifying and celebrating them as committed Festival committee members. 

Desired traits for all committee members include:

  • Good interpersonal and customer service skills
  • Ability to work individually and in a group
  • Willingness to work outdoors in various weather conditions
  • Ability to lift and carry up to 50 lbs. Accommodations can be made as needed.

All Festival volunteers and committee members must be 16 years and older. 

This will be the main form of contact we use, please be sure it is active and typed correctly.
Have you been a volunteer with JFFA in the past?(Required)
The Juan de Fuca Festival Planning committee meets a minimum of 12 times a year to share ideas, resources to grow, and better the event. It is volunteer/unpaid assigned coordinators and teams under them running various areas of the event. In the spring we will meet as needed. Committee members are required to attend and help during the Juan de Fuca Festival May 23-26, 2024. Are you able to commit to these requirements?(Required)
Which roles would you be interested in filling?(Required)
Do you know any of the staff, board, or other committee members?(Required)

Festival Committee Position Descriptions

Volunteer Coordinator
Working with the Executive Director, the festival’s volunteer coordinator orchestrates recruitment, training, and scheduling for volunteers, ensuring smooth operations. They liaise between teams, manage logistics, and cultivate a vibrant volunteer community. Responsible for fostering enthusiasm and dedication, they create a harmonious environment, vital to the festival’s success, amplifying its spirit through dedicated volunteer support.

Volunteer Support
Support team members for the festival’s volunteer coordinator aid in recruitment, scheduling, and logistics, ensuring seamless operations. They assist in volunteer training, communication, and problem-solving, fostering a cohesive environment. Vital in coordinating resources and supporting volunteers, they contribute significantly to the festival’s success, enhancing its impact through dedicated assistance.

Street Fair/Beer Garden Coordinator
Working with the Executive Director, the Street Fair/Beer Garden Coordinator oversees the planning, setup, and management of vibrant street fair and engaging beer gardens. They curate diverse vendors, coordinate logistics, and ensure a lively, safe atmosphere. Responsible for creating an immersive experience, they blend entertainment and community engagement, amplifying the festival’s vibrant spirit.

Street Fair/Beer Garden Support
Support team members for the Street Fair/Beer Garden Coordinator assist in logistics, vendor coordination, and event setup. They aid in vendor communication, ensure smooth operations, and address on-site needs. Their pivotal role in organizing and executing logistics contributes to the dynamic atmosphere, enhancing the festival’s appeal and ensuring a memorable experience for attendees.

Community Tent Coordinator
Working with the Executive Director, the Community Tent Coordinator orchestrates activities, collaborations, and engagement within the festival’s community tent. They curate diverse programs, coordinate with local organizations, and foster interactive experiences. Responsible for creating a hub of connection and learning, they amplify community involvement, promoting inclusivity and shared experiences within the festival’s vibrant setting.

Community Tent Support
Support team members for the Community Tent Coordinator aid in logistics, activity coordination, and participant engagement. They assist in organizing events, liaise with local groups, and ensure smooth operations within the tent. Their pivotal role in facilitating activities fosters a welcoming environment, encouraging diverse participation, and enriching the festival’s communal spirit.

Kid Zone Coordinator
Working with the Executive Director, the KidsZone Coordinator designs and manages engaging activities and entertainment tailored for young festival attendees. They curate a safe, fun-filled environment, organize interactive programs, and oversee staff to ensure a delightful experience. Responsible for fostering creativity and joy, they create a vibrant space enhancing the festival’s appeal to families.

Kid Zone Support
Support team members for the KidsZone Coordinator assist in activity setup, supervise children, and maintain a safe, enjoyable environment. They aid in coordinating schedules, facilitate games, and ensure smooth operations within the KidsZone. Their crucial role in supporting activities enriches children’s experiences, contributing to a vibrant and joyful festival atmosphere.

Workshop/Paint & Sip Coordinator
Working with the Executive Director, the Workshop/Paint & Sip Coordinator orchestrates engaging workshops and artistic sessions, blending creativity and relaxation. They curate diverse instructors, manage materials, and create a welcoming ambiance. Responsible for fostering artistic expression and connection, they facilitate a space where attendees can explore their creativity while enjoying a convivial atmosphere.

Workshop/Paint & Sip Support
Support team members for the Workshop/Paint & Sip Coordinator assist in setup, material organization, and participant guidance during workshops. They aid in coordinating instructors, manage logistics, and ensure a conducive environment for artistic expression. Their support enhances the workshop experience, contributing to a vibrant and inspiring festival atmosphere.

KidFest Coordinator
Working with the Executive Director, the KidsFest Coordinator partners, designs and manages a delightful array of concerts tailored for young festival-goers. They curate a safe, engaging environment, oversee program planning, and coordinate staff to ensure a fun-filled experience. Responsible for fostering creativity and laughter, they create a lively space catering to the young attendees, enhancing the festival’s family-friendly vibe.

KidFest Support
Support team members for the KidsFest Coordinator aid in activity setup, supervise children, and ensure a secure and enjoyable environment. They assist in organizing schedules, facilitate games, and maintaining smooth operations within the KidsFest area. Their role enhances children’s experiences, contributing to a vibrant and joyful atmosphere at the festival.

Festival Decor Coordinator
Working with the Executive Director, the Festival Decor Coordinator orchestrates captivating aesthetics, conceptualizing and implementing vibrant thematic designs. They manage decor logistics, collaborate with artists, and ensure a visually immersive experience. Responsible for creating an enchanting ambiance, their artistry and coordination elevate the festival’s atmosphere, captivating attendees with stunning visual spectacles.

Festival Decor Support Team
Support team members for the Festival Decor Coordinator assist in setup, arrangement, and maintenance of decorative elements. They aid in implementing design concepts, handle logistics, and ensure cohesive visuals across the festival grounds. Their role contributes to creating a visually captivating atmosphere, enhancing the festival’s aesthetic appeal and immersive experience for attendees.

Stage Design/Decor Coordinator
Working with the Executive Director, the Stage Design/Decor Coordinator crafts captivating and functional stage aesthetics, managing design concepts, lighting, and logistics. They collaborate with artists, handle decor setup, and ensure a seamless visual experience. Responsible for creating an immersive ambiance, their creativity and precision elevate performances, infusing the festival with captivating stage spectacles.

Stage Design/Decor Support Team
Support team members for the Stage Design/Decor Coordinator assist in stage setup, lighting arrangement, and logistics coordination. They aid in implementing design plans, handle equipment, and ensure smooth transitions between performances. Their role bolsters the visual impact, contributing to a seamless and enchanting stage experience, enhancing the festival’s ambiance.

Homestay Coordinator
Working with the Executive Director, the Homestay Coordinator manages lodging arrangements, matching festival attendees with local hosts. They facilitate communication, ensure accommodation suitability, and oversee logistics for a comfortable stay. Responsible for fostering community connections, they provide a unique, personalized experience, enhancing the festival by creating a welcoming home-away-from-home environment for attendees.

Homestay Support Team
Support team members for the Homestay Coordinator assist in guest coordination, communication, and logistics for homestay arrangements. They aid in matching attendees with hosts, manage inquiries, and ensure smooth lodging experiences. Their role supports a personalized stay, contributing to a comfortable and memorable festival experience for guests in local accommodations.

Hospitality Coordinator
Working with the Executive Director, the Hospitality Coordinator oversees guest services, catering, and VIP experiences. They coordinate logistics, ensure guest satisfaction, and liaise with vendors. Responsible for creating a welcoming environment, they prioritize attendee comfort and elevate the festival experience through exceptional service and seamless hospitality arrangements.

Hospitality Support Team
Support team members for the Hospitality Coordinator assist in guest services, catering, and VIP needs. They aid in logistics, handle guest inquiries, and ensure a seamless experience. Their role in supporting hospitality services contributes to a welcoming atmosphere, enhancing attendee comfort and satisfaction throughout the festival.

Ticketing/Merch Coordinator
Working with the Executive Director, the Ticketing/Merch Coordinator manages box office setup, ticket sales, merchandise planning, and sales logistics. They oversee online and on-site ticketing, coordinate merchandise, and ensure a seamless purchasing experience. Responsible for revenue generation and attendee satisfaction, they orchestrate efficient sales operations, enhancing the festival’s accessibility and souvenir offerings.

Ticketing/Merch Support Team
Support team members for the Ticketing/Merch Coordinator aid in sales, inventory management, and customer service. They assist in ticketing operations, handle merchandise logistics, and address customer inquiries. Their role ensures smooth transactions and inventory organization, contributing to a streamlined ticketing and merchandising experience for festival attendees.

Setup/Take Down Coordinator
Working with the Executive Director, the Setup/Take Down Coordinator oversees logistical arrangements, ensuring efficient setup and dismantling of festival infrastructure. They manage schedules, coordinate teams, and oversee equipment placement. Responsible for a seamless transition, their meticulous planning and supervision guarantee a smooth setup and teardown process, essential for the festival’s operational success.

Setup/Take Down Support Team
Support team members for the Setup/Take Down Coordinator assist in logistical arrangements, equipment handling, and team coordination during setup and teardown phases. They aid in implementing plans, facilitate efficient transitions, and ensure equipment organization. Their role contributes to a swift and organized setup/takedown process, vital for the festival’s smooth operation.

Marketing Coordinator
Working with the Executive Director, the Marketing Coordinator strategizes and executes promotional campaigns, managing digital, print, and media outreach. They analyze audience insights, collaborate with creatives, and oversee branding efforts. Responsible for amplifying the festival’s presence, their innovative campaigns and targeted approaches drive engagement, fostering excitement and attendance.

Marketing  Support Team
Support team members for the Marketing Coordinator assist in campaign execution, content creation, and audience engagement. They aid in social media management, content scheduling, and data analysis. Their role contributes to amplifying promotional efforts, ensuring cohesive messaging and engagement strategies, ultimately boosting the festival’s visibility and audience reach.

Social Media Coordinator
Working with the Executive Director, the Social Media Coordinator manages online platforms, curating engaging content, and overseeing community interactions. They strategize, create captivating posts, and monitor audience engagement. Responsible for fostering online buzz, their savvy utilization of social media amplifies the festival’s presence, driving interaction and excitement among attendees and followers.

Social Media Support Team
Support team members for the Social Media Coordinator assist in content creation, platform management, and audience interaction. They aid in scheduling posts, analyze engagement metrics, and handle community inquiries. Their role bolsters online presence, ensuring consistent and engaging content delivery, enhancing the festival’s digital footprint and audience engagement.

Sponsorship Coordinator
Working with the Executive Director, the Sponsorship Coordinator cultivates partnerships, negotiates agreements, and manages relationships with sponsors. They create compelling proposals, oversee sponsorship activations, and ensure deliverables. Responsible for securing vital support, their strategic approach and rapport-building skills attract sponsors, vital in elevating the festival experience through collaborative initiatives and enhanced offerings.

Sponsorship Support Team
Support team members for the Sponsorship Coordinator assist in sponsor communications, proposal development, and activation coordination. They aid in drafting proposals, handle logistics for sponsor-related activities, and ensure fulfillment of sponsor agreements. Their role supports strong sponsor relationships, contributing to successful partnerships and enhanced experiences for attendees at the festival.