Scott is an internationally known, composer, pianist and recording artist. He was up front when New Age was just beginning over 30 years ago.  He was one of the first Windham Hill Artists to join with founders Will Ackerman and Alex Degrassi on their new label out of Palo Alto, California.  Scott signed onto the label the same day as Michael Hedges and they both joined George Winston who was new to the label himself.  Scott affectionately call his music Heavy Mental or Cosmic National Geographic, even though he was one of the grandfathers of the New Age scene.  Much of Scott’s work exhibits departures from the New Age field and includes a melodic blend of jazz, classical and ethnic influences. He has enjoyed great success at the top of the jazz charts and has sold out shows from England to Japan, Chile and Germany.  Scott will be joined by Lonnie Mardis on guitar, and Steve Banks on drummer.  “A jazz luminary of the future.”  (Billboard Magazine)  SUNDAY

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