Juan de Fuca Foundation for the Arts

Committed to the development & promotion of the Arts for the cultural, economic & educational benefit of Washington’s North Olympic Peninsula.

Juan de Fuca Foundation for the Arts

Since 1993 JFFA has been Port Angeles and Sequims community arts organization and guide to performing arts. Located on the North Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, we are proud to present our Season Concert Season, free summer Concerts on the Pier, and The Juan de Fuca Festival showcasing an array of diverse disciplines including dance, theatre, comedy, and music. Through out the year we offer educational opportunities such as workshops and arts summer camps for students ages 5-100.

We are committed to ensuring that the North Olympic Peninsula continues to be a home for the performing arts both now and in the future. The arts enhance our quality of life, contribute to a rich sense of community, and contribute to a vibrant civic life.

JFFA is supported by our board of directors, dedicated staff, tireless volunteers, generous sponsors and invaluable community partners.

Our Mission

The Juan de Fuca Foundation for the Arts is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to the development and promotion of the Arts for the cultural, economic and educational benefit of Washington’s North Olympic Peninsula.

Our Vision

Create a world where the transformative power of the arts is celebrated, nurtured, and made accessible to all. Together, we ignite a passion for creativity, foster a deeper appreciation for the arts, and leave an enduring legacy of artistic excellence for generations to come.

Our Values

Engage: Foster an environment where art serves as a unifying force, bringing together individuals from all walks of life. Through collaborative projects and community outreach, we seek to strengthen bonds within our community and encourage a collective commitment to celebrating creativity.

Entertain:  Support artists across diverse disciplines and backgrounds, nurturing their talent, and providing them with the necessary resources to push boundaries and reach new heights of artistic innovation. 

Educate: JFFA envisions a future where arts education is accessible to all, building the next generation of creative minds and providing them with the tools they need to flourish. 


What we Do


Our annual Juan de Fuca Festival, since 1993, spans three days with five stages, and features an artisan street fair, kids’ activities, a beer/wine garden, and a fantastic assortment of festival food.


Our season concerts season and concerts on the pier is to interact with you through music, theater, comedy, dance, and storytelling featuring exceptional local and  touring artists.


Providing arts education, Summer camps, workshops, and outreach experiences to youth of the North Olympic Peninsula.


Through our festival, summer concerts and collaborations with local partners, JFFA provides many opportunities for our community to share and experience art together. Our goal is to provide these opportunities to all, and offer scholarships and a variety of financial assistance programs. 

Our History

Juan de Fuca Foundation for the Arts began in 1992 as the “Juan de Fuca Festival of the Arts” without a budget or staff. Driven by the vision of a small group of volunteers, JFFA’s sole purpose was, and remains, to develop and promote the performing and visual arts. JFFA was incorporated as a non-profit in the Spring of 1993. Since then, the budget has grown from $1,500 to approximately $350,000 in 2023.

Nearly all revenue is applied to the support and operation costs involved in presenting consistent high caliber arts programming throughout the year. Our legacy event is the Annual Juan de Fuca Festival, now in it’s 30th year. This celebration of music and art takes place over Memorial Day weekend and includes up to 80 performances on five stages, 100 volunteers, 50 food and artisan vendors and several local community organizations.

JFFA also presents a popular Season Concert Series each year offering 8-12 concerts crossing all genres and mediums. Through this concert series, JFFA aligns professional touring artists with local students of all ages and offers a wide range of educational outreach opportunities.

Since 2012, JFFA has also successfully developed and managed a summer art camp experience for children ages 7-12 years. Our Discovery Arts Camp exposes kids to art educators and working artists who lead them through experiential learning in visual arts, theater and dance. 

“Art is too important not to share.”

Romero Britto