An eclectic five-piece band combining Americana, ska, dub and bluegrass, World Finest banks on their ability to transcend genres of all kinds. String-centric and bluegrass-inspired compositions seamlessly transition into 3-Dimensional Psytrance, Funk, and Dub soundscapes, leaving their audience with a full circle experience of emotion and dance. Their appreciation for punk and ska can be found peppered throughout their shows and albums, made evident by up-tempo, high-energy offerings. Never happy to settle, the band is always looking to push through boundaries and challenge themselves.  With five albums under their belt, the band is still firing on all cylinders. World’s Finest has hit the West Coast Festival scene hard, making appearances at High Sierra, Northwest String Summit, Summer Meltdown, Oregon Country Fair, 4 Peaks, Symbiosis and more. With their unique style, World’s Finest connects with fans from all over the musical universe. FRIDAY, AFTER HOURS FRIDAY

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