Workshops are held in the Vern Burton Center’s Workshop Room or out in front of the Vern Burton Center (weather permitting).  Art demonstrations, juggling, face-painting and more will be available sporadically throughout the festival. Costumes by Richard Stephens will also be on display.

3:30 pm           POSER YOGA   The practice of Yoga can be beneficial in many ways – physically, mentally, spiritually and even socially!  No experience necessary.

10:30 am         POSER YOGA

11:45 am         TAI-CHI        Long Form with Bob Klein, Tai-Chi instructor for over 25 years.  No experience necessary.

12:00 pm         DIVINITY ROXX    Learn about music and what makes us unique as individuals and musicians.  Divinity is the former Musical Director for Beyonce. (Held at the Chamber/Nancy Stage).

12:00 pm         DRUMMING CIRCLE    Led by Zorina Wolf.  You are encouraged to bring your own percussion instrument.

2:00 pm           PUPPETEERING    Story hour with puppeteering with Lisa Mantchev.  Lisa is the author of Strictly For Elephants.

2:30 pm           AFRICAN DANCE & DRUMMING       With Awal and Sheimawu Alhassan of Ghana.  Learn the rhythms, passion and traditions of West African music.

4:00 pm           LIMBER FOR LEMURS    Family-friendly class explores the wonders of lemurs through movement, storytelling and play.

10:30 am         POSER YOGA

11:45 am         TAI-CHI

4:00 pm           DRUMMING CIRCLE       Led by Erran Sharpe. You are encouraged to bring your own percussion instrument.

11:30 am         POSER YOGA