Trio Voronezh: Vladimir Volokhin, Valerie Petrukhin and Sergei Teleshev formed Trio Voronezh in 1993. The folk trio named themselves after the working-class city of Voronezh from which they studied and perfected their craft – a city of over a million people  approximately 350 miles south of Moscow. In 1995, Trio Voronezh sprang onto the international stage after they were discovered playing classical favorites and folk tunes in a Frankfurt, Germany subway station.  Since then, their remarkable career has included guest performances with many of the top symphony orchestras in the US and Europe — playing their unique repertoire of classical, popular and Russian folk music. Award winning virtuosos of the Russian dombro, the bajan and the double-bass balalaika, they are “three players, alone on a large open stage, filling every crevice with their rich imaginatively conceived music.” (Los Angeles Times) SATURDAY

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