The Street Fair

Opening each day at noon, the colorful Juan de Fuca Festival Street Fair is a highlight of the Memorial Day Weekend Celebration.  It’s a Garden of Earthly Delights as more than 50 food, artisan and craft booths offer their unique wares to happy Festival-goers.   A big Festival favorite is our fun and relaxing Beer/Wine Garden sponsored by Lagunitas Brewery and Frey Vinyards.   Join us under the beautiful Olympic Peninsula skies for a cold brew or glass of wine.

2018 Outside Entertainment
Friday, 4:30 pm:  The Five Acre Soundwaves Marimba Band
Saturday, 1:00 pm: Sequimarimba
Please see our Workshop Tab here for more information on Outside entertainment.

The Street Fair
The street fair is bigger than ever this year!   You’ll find something for everyone here.  Do your Christmas shopping early, Then chill with some fabulous festival food.


Softoys                                                              Smoothie Essentials
Celia’s Gourmet Foods                            Rock, Gems & Tile Creations
Paperwings Studio                                     Nectar of the Vine
Jake Wilson Woodworks                       Vicki Wickell Watercolors
Kevin Wickersham Photography      DJ’s Pens
Cindy Elstrom Ceramics                         Nash’s Organic Produce
Amazing Kangen Water                          Lindsay Smithberg Designs
Pixie Stix and Stonz                                    Friday Harbor House of Jerky
Art to Suit You                                               The Jake Hose Company
Sassy Glass                                                      Blue Moon Crafted Creations
Mud Shaman Studios                                 Splendor ETC
Shirray Originals                                           Designs by Ashton



Happy Juices                                                    Sequim Valley Products
Ohana BBQ                                                       Bangkok Bistro
A.B’s Hillbilly Gyros                                      Old Fashion Kettle Corn Co.
Olympic Mountain Ice Cream                Island Concessions
Kokopelli’s                                                          Maggie May’s  Espresso


Indian Arts                                                          Kashi, Inc.
Creature Comforts                                        Early Jam
Indian Arts (2)                                                   Bonnie Wee Gardens
SAFATMA                                                            LuLaRoe
3-D Wood Maps                                              Scentsy
Ade African                                                        Vivid Tattoos  


Pet Posse