Over the past several years, The Sam Chase has emerged, perhaps, as Port Angeles’ favorite out-of-town band.  Equally popular in the Bay Area, the band are two time winners as “Best Band” in the SF Weekly Best of the Bay Readers Poll.  Hailing from the hills of San Francisco, Sam and his band, whom he lovingly refers to as The Untraditional, take to stages all over the country with a virulent and frenetic passion which many history buffs might liken to the Norse warriors known as The Berserkers, who were known to have fought battles with an uncontrollable, trance-like fury.  But we digress.  In 2012 came the release of his long awaited first studio album, The Sam Chase Will Lead Us To Victory which took the group all across the United States. The cry came for more, so they released a new album, The Sam Chase Will Never Die.  Interestingly, many children have been conceived to this album and all of these children are now showing higher than normal levels of intelligence and immunity to most diseases.  MONDAY, AFTER HOURS SUNDAY

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