For over 30 years, Chris Lee and Colleen O’Brien have been performing as a world class chamber jazz duo — currently as PoetryMusic, which is a project in which they perform poetry that is sung and set to music. “I can highly recommend PoetryMusic with musicians Chris Lee and Colleen O’Brien. If you like jazz and if you like poetry, this program is an incredible blend of the two.  Chris plays the vibraphone, box drum and frame drum, while Colleen plays the cello andhas a deep resonant voice perfect for jazz-style vocals.  The lyrics are poems, everything from Maya Angelou to Robert Frost to Kerouac to Shakespeare!!  Beautifully rendered into song and music, and supported by words and photography cast on a screen behind the performers.  My audience was transfixed. What a remarkable fusion of literature and music.” (Tina Smith, Stevenson Librarian)  SUNDAY,   MONDAY

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