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Volunteering for the Juan de Fuca Foundation for the Arts helps make  our community a better place  for everybody.  And successful events help us raise funds for educational programs as well as JFFA’s mission to bring more and better art & artists to our community.

Each year we draw from hundreds of volunteers to assist during the Annual Juan de Fuca Festival and more than a dozen other individual events.  We really appreciate our volunteers and reward them handsomely. You’ll meet great people, see and hear great performances, and help make Port Angeles a better place for all. 


2018-2019 Juan de Fuca Foundation
Concert Volunteer Application

Welcome! Volunteers are a vital part of the Juan de Fuca Festival and JFFA Concerts. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Without it there would be no festival and concerts would be mired in long lines and unhappy patrons. JFFA is a 501(c) (3) non profit organization. It is our goal to provide the North Olympic community with outstanding performances, to create educational opportunities for our students, and to offer economic and quality of life benefits to our entire community.

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Sell Tickets-use credit card machine/make change
Distribute WILL-CALL tickets
Usher/Take tickets
Set- up lobby/stage
Load-in performer gear
Sell Concessions-pre-show
Sell Concession-intermission
Clean up auditorium
Donate goodies for concession table

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I hereby release Juan De Fuca Foundation for the Arts, and all municipal agencies whose property and/or personnel are used, and other sponsoring or co-sponsoring company(ies) from responsibility for any injuries or damages I may suffer as a result of my participation in the Juan De Fuca Foundation for the Arts events.