Who can forget that unforgettable moment just three years ago when MarchFourth burst upon the Juan de Fuca Festival with their swirling volcano of high energy music and spectacle. MarchFourth is an internationally acclaimed, genre-breaking force in the world of entertainment – a sonic explosion delivered by 20 musicians, dancers and artisans who travel the world taking audiences on a joy-inducing, foot-stomping, booty-shaking, soul-stirring journey that defies categorization.  With exceptional musical quality and a visual kaleidoscope of stilt walkers, hoopers and Vaudeville-style dancers, MarchFourth whips audiences into a celebratory frenzy with an over-the-top spectacle of high-energy compositions, colorful costumes and irresistible charisma.  This is not a band that simply “puts on a show.”  MarchFourth delivers a multi-faceted, indelible experience of pure joy. As bass player, John Averill notes, “we definitely have a funk and New Orleans influence, but we also do rock, jazz, lots of different genres.  If it’s got a groove, we’ll play it.”  FRIDAY

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