LAURA LOVE with Terry Hunt

Laura Love is an award winning “folk-funk” singer/songwriter/bassist who has been touring throughout the world since the early 1990s.  Laura has released 11 CDs on major and minor labels, she has performed at nearly every great music festival in North America and Australia, she has composed commissioned music for dance and theater productions and is a published author.  After taking nearly a decade off the festival/touring circuit (including the Juan de Fuca Festival!), to live off grid and raise her daughter, Laura is again returning to the stage to continue where she left off.  To that end, she exploded back onto the festival scene in 2017, taking the Kate Wolf, Strawberry and Philadelphia Folk Music Festivals by storm.  With these powerful performances she and her stellar guitarist, Terry Hunt, showcased a whole new batch of songs that left audiences leaping to their feet mid-set and some concert-goers telling her “she was even better than she’d been years ago. ”  Her music is exuberant…reaching out with an almost fervent joy.”  (New York Times)   SUNDAY