THEATRICAL PERFORMANCES (great for the family)

Between great food, the colorful Artist’s Street Fair, non-stop entertainment everywhere you look and so much more, this is a great event for the whole family. There are a few particular highlights, however, that make this festival particularly special for the kids.

  • Henrik Bothe: He walks on ladders, spins ropes, juggles without using his hands, rides a too-high unicycle, and even walks with four legs. (SATURDAY)
  • Turtle Theatre: For the little ones, three shows daily in the giant Turtle Tent with the one and only Alley Oop. (SATURDAY, SUNDAY)
  • Karlyn Langjahr: “Limber for Lemurs” will explore the wonders of lemurs through movement, story-telling and play! We’ll get moving like lemurs as we discover these amazing and endangered primates that live only in Madagascar. (SATURDAY, SUNDAY)
  • Fishing at the Festival: With a halibut fishing rod recovered from the beaches of the Olympic Coast, kids are invited to fish for marine debris. Casting the rod over a “fishing wall” they will catch a piece of debris gathered from the beaches by Coastsavers and NOAA volunteers. A piece of cord to turn the debris into a one-of-a-kind necklace will be provided. (SATURDAY, SUNDAY, MONDAY)
  • Ballet Victoria: Wonderful introduction to the beauty of ballet from some of its most talented practitioners. (SATURDAY, SUNDAY)