A high-energy five-piece bluegrass band from Colorado, their distinctive sound showcases an eclectic range of influences that marry second and third generation bluegrass, delivering a unique experience that captivates audiences and keeps them guessing.  It’s a powerful, high mountain “bluegrass explosion” that features world-class musicians, incredible vocals, a solid and energetic rhythm and an easy stage banter that delights listeners all over the world.  Fronted by internationally acclaimed two-time National Banjo Champion Jeff Scroggins, their distinctive style is immediately recognizable due to Jeff’s unique and diverse range of influences – from Don Reno to Eric Clapton.  His fiery style and lightning fast licks have earned him worldwide recognition and have left many a first-time listener in stunned disbelief!  The rest of the band certainly holds up their end of the band, to say the least, including Jeff’s award-winning son Tristan, on mandolin.  “In an age when bluegrass is sounding more and more generic, this band is a cut above the rest.” (Craig Korth)  FRIDAY, AFTER HOURS, SATURDAY

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