Back in the 1950s or whatnot, the grandparents of Enoch Bowlby (guitar, vocals) Jacob Wright (bass) Collin McAvinchey (mandolin) Andy Hokit (banjo) Ashley Reis (vocals), Eric Tonnenson (guitar, vocals) were at a crossroads – The 2018 Juan de Fuca Festival in Port Angeles was looming on the horizon, and these folks knew that the event organizers would be in dire need of a bouncy string band to be part of the festivities. “Tasty folk originals intermixed with hard-driving bluegrass standards aren’t just going to play themselves,” said Collin’s grandpa. It was in this moment they realized that the only group with enough raw talent for the gig had to be comprised of their own yet-to-be-born grandchildren. So, the group set upon the task of making children who would in turn make more children to play bluegrass shows and excite Port Angeles crowds time and time again. The plan worked perfectly. MONDAY