We are thrilled that local favorites, Crushwater, are returning to our festival this year. With their high energy blend of original songs, visceral lyrics and rock n roll enthusiasm, it’s easy to see why crowds frequently get dancing right out of the gate. Songwriter, guitarist and lead singer, Scott Sullivan, has four original albums to his credit and his songs have gained international acclaim after being featured in many films and TV shows. Chandra Johnson, on violin and vocals, adds balance and elevates the songs and live shows with her virtuosic skill on violin and her sublime rootsy vocals. Local boy favorite, John Carlson, lays down the colorful rhythms on drums and entertains the crowd with his quick wit and PA native Enoch Bowlby holds  down the bass groove.  Together they create a band that takes the elements of classic songwriting and pushes it to the edge, often teetering on the brink of finely balanced chaos.  FRIDAY/SATURDAY


Crushwater_Catholic Guilt_Station 51

Heres a clip of Crushwater from a few nights ago at the Station 51 Taphouse in Port Angeles, playing through the chaos of the song Catholic Guilt. What a turnout that night and thanks to all the friends and community celebrating the spirit and love for Mikie Procurer.

Posted by Crushwater on Tuesday, October 4, 2016