Christian Swenson has an extensive background in dance, mime, voice and improvisation.  He is known for his pioneering work in what he calls “Human Jazz”, a global fusion of dance/drama/music for body and voice.  For the past 30 years he has been performing creations for the body and voice searching for a more global aesthetic.  Since 1980 he has been a touring artist visiting communities and schools in the Northwest and beyond.  He has performed and taught throughout this country, as well as in Canada, Europe, Japan and Nepal.  His work is unique in its cross-cultural synthesis of theater, dance and music and its willingness to unbridle the imagination — where freedom is more important than conflict, and within which continual transformations can take place.  “Swenson is that rare soloist who can fill a stage, a mind, for a whole evening. He makes you feel you might be eavesdropping on genius.”  (Seattle Times)  (Christian Swenson will be performing three shows for area students at Port Angeles High School. ) SATURDAY

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