With captivating amounts of energy, Alex Zerbe moves like a rubber band from one end of the stage to the other. Beatboxing, juggling, dancing, singing, music and magic are just a few of the things that led Piers Morgan of America’s Got Talent to call him, “The total package.”  The “Professional Zaniac,” who’s been cracking jokes onstage for almost 15 years, zigzags between physical stunts and non-stop comedy.  During the show vegetables are sliced in half by flying playing cards, flaming torches and bowling balls are juggled with ease and every audience volunteer leaves the stage in triumph.  A self-described “human cartoon,” Zerbe is a Hacky Sack World Champion, was voted the Pacific Northwest’s Funniest Prop Comic and is currently ranked Seattle’s 3rd Best Air Guitarist. “Boy are you fantastic and talented!” (Jamie Lee Curtis)  SUNDAY

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