ABAKIS (a.k.a. Aba Kiser) Growing up in Virginia singing jazz at her father’s restaurant, musical firebrand and multi-instrumentalist, Abakis creates orchestral folk pop with a heart ache for classic country and swing.  Hard to pin down, but instantly familiar, her tongue in cheek lyricism, vintage vocals, and Koetke-style picking guitar paint a sonic kaleidoscope.

After nearly a decade of touring around the States Aba settled in Brooklyn to release her debut album “I’m One Too” (November 2014) where the nuanced complexity of her raw folk songs expanded to contain an entire orchestra thanks to composer and producer Kate Copeland. Her current band Abakis & Company now sways with soulful folk and country swing, blending these together with elements of jazz. In 2016 Abakis was selected as a fellow of the Dosti Music Project, a collaborative music residency bringing together musicians from India, Pakistan and the United States.  FRIDAY/SATURDAY