A Little Bit Off

Co-founded by Amica Hunter and David Cantor, A Little Bit Off began as a theatrical collaboration between two acrobatic clowns dedicated to bringing wonder and laughter to the audiences of the world. Drawing inspiration from the old American vaudevillians, and work of French artist James Thierree,  ALBO has grown to produce three fully developed shows with carefully selected themes, hilarious characters, intricate relationships, mind-boggling tricks, and a very quirky, off beat flavor. The company has won over a dozen awards, including Best of Fest two years running at the Edmonton Fringe Festival, the largest theater festival in North America. ALBO’s most recent work is a critically acclaimed full-length physical comedy show called Bella Culpa, featuring two quirky servants in an Edwardian manor. ALBO has performed for audiences all over Europe and the United States, captivating audiences of all languages with their dialogue-free approach to storytelling.

A Little Bit Off’s newest original work, Bella Culpa, is a slapstick comedy that follows two peculiar servants in an Edwardian manor as they bustle around, trying in vain to complete their chores. With a mess of silver buckets, a slew of uninvited furry guests, and impressive circus-style acrobatic flair, this off-beat comedy will leave everyone chortling. Like Downton Abbey meets The Three Stooges.  FRIDAY KIDS’ SHOW,  SATURDAY